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Due to the nature of internet syndication, all artists and/or representatives need to double opt-in before their music will be considered. All recordings have to be original. Submit your music here to get it on the U-Hype radio show.


Gift ReynoldsMusic from Gift Reynolds (pictured). We hear from Busta Ryhmes about music by new artists.

Troy Ave speaks on work ethic from a 2012 interview. Master Ace also shares advice for artists.

Music from the rapper Quote.

Touch the picture or click hear to listen.

  • “Mayweather” – Gift Reynolds
  • “So Hot” – Busta Ryhmes
  • “I Know Why You Mad” – Troy Ave
  • “No Days Off” – Rapper Quote
  • “Slow Down” – Master Ace


Chopped Lettuce - Big WorkFirst time spin for Big Work (pictured). Music from Tru Movement and AD Dinero.

Additional contributions from Ray Banz featuring Marcus James, Dozay, and M. Josephine.

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  • “Chopped Lettuce” – Big Work
  • “I Want It” – Tru Movement and AD Dinero
  • “Motivate Me” – Ray Banz featuring Marcus James
  • “Salsa” – DoZay
  • “Deep Blue” – M. Josephine

Jackie Robinson West All Stars are still Champions (JRW)

These young men are still my heroes. I rearranged my schedule to watch every pitch they threw, every play they made, and every tear they cried along the way. There was a special glow in the city’s eye. Thanks for the excitement fellas.

The 2014 Jackie Robinson West All Stars players will be celebrated in Chicago long after we all are dead and gone. No scandal can take that away.


Teefa Hip-HopMixtape radio with U-Hype classics featuring the grown ass woman Teefa (pictured), Jameisha Trice, Jah Ristah, and Sound Master T.

Addition sounds from Group Elite and Classified.

We also check out a legendary remix by Manny Faces. Touch the picture or click here to listen!

  • My Word” – Group Elite
  • “Friendly Fuck” – Classified
  • “Without You (Remix)” – Manny Faces
  • “50-50″ – Jameisha Trice
  • “Face Down” – Jah Ristah and Sound Master T.
  • “Cotton Candy” – Teefah


M. Josephine JOSIRSMixtape Radio coming straight to your mp3 player featuring new music from M. Josephine (pictured), the rapper Quote, and Brooklyn West. Additional contributions from Reynard Silva, and MPire featuring Paul Cai.

We get up on a Chi-town throw-back from KG and Young Gunna.

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  • “Last Scene of the Movie” – MPire featuring Paul Cai
  • “Flatline” – Reynard Silva
  • “No Days Off” – Rapper Quote
  • “Deep Blue” – M. Josephine
  • “My Chevy” – KG and Young Gunna
  • “Faded” - Brooklyn West

DJ Setup Log: Hire a Disk Jock

Setup log from a recent Illinois wedding reception. Secure entertainment for your next event with a professional mobile disk jock:

Stuart Scott was as Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

RIP Stuart ScottJuly 19, 1965 – January 4, 2015: No one has had a larger impact on the marriage of sports and the media than Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell. The impression those two made will never be matched.

Stuart Scott, however, added his own two cents to the relationship between sports, the media, and broadcasting. He was arguably the first national broadcaster that listened to Hip-Hop music on a regular basis. Scott’s presence made a mark on the sports channel and in broadcasting in general. Today, it is normal to hear “hip” things being said on ESPN and on all of TV for that matter. Stuart Scott helped open that door.

We can forever call him butter, cause he was on a roll. Rest in Peace, bro. Boo-Yah!


Nina Macc Number 1 song for 2014Counting down the top 15 songs on in 2014. Digital music by Mik Brown, Gift Reynolds, Brooklyn West, and Nina Macc (pictured). Recording artists, submit your music now to get on next year’s countdown.

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  1. “Royalty” – Nina Macc
  2. “The Melody of Love” – Quote
  3. “What Can I Do” – King Piff
  4. “What a Time” – Brooklyn West
  5. “Off The Hinges” – Newz Huddle featuring Sergio
  6. “Stay with Me” – Charlie Kelsey featuring Beautiful
  7. “High” – Rachel Marie featuring John Lass
  8. “Respect” – Mik Brown
  9. “Emergency” – El-Jay featuring Shorty Mack
  10. “Celebrate” – Tay Rhodes
  11. Mayweather”Gift Reynolds
  12. “And Ever” – Kerry John and Megan
  13. “Drop Dem Dollas” – Jellyroll and Nina Ross
  14. “Goals” – Phresh Syndicate
  15. “She Take a Photo” – DPone


Tay RhodesMixtape radio from the south side of Chicago featuring music by Tay Rhodes (pictured), HOA Bossman, and Kenjilla featuring Wild’Outt.

Additional contributions from Nique, The Neutrons, Phourthelove, and Hurt Feelings Not Sorry.

Touch the picture to listen of click –>here

  • “Sending Shots” – Kenjilla featuring Wild’Outt
  • “Gritty” – HOA Bossman
  • “Im Good” – Tay Rhodes featuring Phourthelove
  • “Whole Time” – Hurt Feelings Not Sorry
  • “Sophisticated Ignorance” – Nique
  • “1492 (Soul Wonderful Remix)” – The Neutrons


Christmas SpiritMixtape radio wishing you happy holidays! Pubic domain Christmas music from independent artist. Timeless classic like Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Silent Night, and more.

Advise for independent recording artists looking to make holiday music. Touch the picture to listen or click –> here.

  • “Jingle Bells” – Grittyridez
  • “Deck the Halls” – Shaun Friedman
  • “Silent Night” – Gottfried Klier
  • “O Little Town of Bethleham” – Crew X
  • “Toyland” – Smooth Jazz All Stars


The RootsThe house band from the Tonight Show plays Hip-Hop and Neo Soul music on a regular basis. Mixtape radio with music from Brooklyn West, who has a message in her music. Jams from Crazie K!d AnonYmouS, Jay IDK, JaVonte, and Tnyce.

Throwback music from Columbus Ohio’s Young Reese and Blaze. Touch the picture or click here to listen.

  • “Chinese Food (Da ILL)” – Crazie K!d AnonYmouS
  • “More” – Jay IDK featuring JaVonte
  • “Stick to the Script” – Tnyce
  • “What a Time” – Brooklyn West
  • “Let Me Know” – Young Reese and Blaze


QuoteMixtape radio coming at you with contributions from Quote (pictured), King Piff, and Charlie Kelsy featuring Beautiful.

First time spins for new mixtape artists Duke and Logan P. McCoy. Additional contributions from Devious featuring Kevin Gates.

Touch the picture to listen or click here.

  • “From Ash To Rock” – Quote
  • “You Sleep Out Here” – Devious featuring Kevin Gates
  • “Wire Tap” – Duke
  • “Unconditional” – Logan P. McCoy
  • “Ear to the Streets” – King Piff
  • “Stay with Me” – Charlie Kelsey featuring Beautiful


Kris ParkerMixtape with Blastmaster KRS-One. Digital radio coming straight to your mp3 player with Chox-Mak, DJ YRS Jerzy, and Boosie Bad Azz. Additional contributions from Rwhisky Champ, Homey High Def featuring Lil Herb, and B-Jay Banks.

Touch the picture to listen or click here.

  • “Fresh” – Chox-Mak featuring DJ YRS Jerzy
  • “She Don’t Need Love” – B-Jay Banks
  • “Let Em Dance” – Rwhisky Champ
  • “Drill’em” - Homey High Def featuring Lil Herb

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