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Due to the nature of internet syndication, all artists and/or representatives need to double opt-in before their music will be considered. All recordings have to be original. Submit your music here to get it on the U-Hype radio show.


The RootsThe house band from the Tonight Show plays Hip-Hop and Neo Soul music on a regular basis. Mixtape radio with music from Brooklyn West, who has a message in her music. Jams from Crazie K!d AnonYmouS, Jay IDK, JaVonte, and Tnyce.

Throwback music from Columbus Ohio’s Young Reese and Blaze. Touch the picture or click here to listen.

  • “Chinese Food (Da ILL)” – Crazie K!d AnonYmouS
  • “More” – Jay IDK featuring JaVonte
  • “Stick to the Script” – Tnyce
  • “What a Time” – Brooklyn West
  • “Let Me Know” – Young Reese and Blaze


QuoteMixtape radio coming at you with contributions from Quote (pictured), King Piff, and Charlie Kelsy featuring Beautiful.

First time spins for new mixtape artists Duke and Logan P. McCoy. Additional contributions from Devious featuring Kevin Gates.

Touch the picture to listen or click here.

  • “From Ash To Rock” – Quote
  • “You Sleep Out Here” – Devious featuring Kevin Gates
  • “Wire Tap” – Duke
  • “Unconditional” – Logan P. McCoy
  • “Ear to the Streets” – King Piff
  • “Stay with Me” – Charlie Kelsey featuring Beautiful


Kris ParkerMixtape with Blastmaster KRS-One. Digital radio coming straight to your mp3 player with Chox-Mak, DJ YRS Jerzy, and Boosie Bad Azz. Additional contributions from Rwhisky Champ, Homey High Def featuring Lil Herb, and B-Jay Banks.

Touch the picture to listen or click here.

  • “Fresh” – Chox-Mak featuring DJ YRS Jerzy
  • “She Don’t Need Love” – B-Jay Banks
  • “Let Em Dance” – Rwhisky Champ
  • “Drill’em” - Homey High Def featuring Lil Herb


Deshara ReneeUpdated radio podcast featuring digital music from DowTimo, Supastar LT, and Mik Brown. We get a dose of some real Hip-Hop from Quote. Additional radio contributions from Rachel Marie featuring John Lass and Deshara Renee (pictured).

Touch the picture to listen to the radio on the internet or click –> here.

  • “Slow Down” – DowTimo
  • “The Melody of Love” – Quote
  • “Sexy Lady” – Mik Brown
  • “Get to Know Me” – Deshara Renee (pictured)
  • “High” – Rachel Marie featuring John Lass

U-Hype LXX

BiaListen to mixtape radio featuring BIA (pictured), King Piff, and Nufeel featuring D’yon. Digital media contributions from Reed Dollaz and Kil. Stream the mixtape to your portable device or computer.

Touch the picture to listen or click –> here to listen to Chicago’s longest running Hip-Hop radio podcast.

  • “Closely” – Nufeel featuring D’yon
  • “Purple Heart”- King Piff
  • “In The Car” – Reed Dollaz
  • “Take Kare Remix” – Kil
  • “Jug Dance” – BIA (pictured)


This week’s U-Hype features Newz Huddle (pictured), Sergio, Toney Stash, and KiL. Listen to Chicago urban radio with contributions from KidBizz, Urian Sin’, and Sin’cere.

Touch the picture or click here to listen.

  • “All Nite” – KidBizz
  • “Dramatic Lane” – Urian Sin’ and Sin’cere
  • “Castor & Pollux” – KiL
  • “Down AZZ C” – Toney Stash
  • “Off The Hinges” – Newz Huddle featuring Sergio


Listen to Chicago Urban Radio on the internet featuring music from Gwenation (pictured), The Real Infinity featuring Troy Ave, and Sham Pain. Additional contributions from Najee Alive, and Jay IDK featuring Eddie Vanz.

Touch the picture to listen to the radio or click –> here!

  • “Two Hoes” – Jay IDK featuring Eddie Vanz
  • “We Gettin’ Money” – The Real Infinity featuring Troy Ave
  • “She Love It” – Sham Pain
  • “Bloody Benzo” – Najee Alive
  • “Ain’t Got A Chance” – Gwenation


Download this free digital mixtape radio featuring music from Rachel Marie (pictured), M. Josephine, and Nina Macc. Digital media contributions also from Job Jetson featuring Pizzle, El-Jay featuring Shorty Mack, and Charlie Kelsey with Beautiful.

Touch the picture to stream or download the mixtape radio to your portable player, or click –> here.

  • “Leaving You” – M. Josephine
  • “Stay with me” – Charlie Kelsey and Beautiful
  • “High” – Rachel Marie featuring John Lass
  • “Emergency” – El-Jay featuring Shorty Mack
  • “Your Loss” – Megan
  • “Royalty” – Nina Macc
  • “Cheeks” – Job Jetson featuring Pizzle


Mixtape radio featuring contributions from Newz Huddle and Sergio, Quote, and HOA Bossman. Hot mix with digital media from Alex J. featuring Breezy, Just Kieth, Keme Davis, and King Piff.

Touch the picture or click here to download or stream the mixtape radio.

  • “Off The Hinges” – Newz Huddle and Sergio
  • “The Melody of Love” – Quote
  • “Light Show” – Alex J. featuring Breezy
  • “Rich Hipter Shit” – Just Kieth
  • “Marijuana Colone” – Keme Davis
  • “Definition” – King Piff
  • “If” – HOA Bossman

U-Hype LXV

Download this free mixtape radio to your portable player featuring contributions from Greg Grease, King Piff, Tay Rhodes, and Mik Brown. Addition digital media submissions from Afta featuring Tyler Bryan, J-Chill aka Mr. Freeze, Young Trainz and A.T., and Hero.

Touch the picture to access the mixtape radio or click –> here.

  • “Basement Soul” – Greg Grease
  • “CADI” – Young Trainz and A.T.
  • “Holla at a G” – J-Chill aka Mr. Freeze
  • “What Can I Do” – King Piff
  • “Westside Story” – Tay Rhodes
  • “Flirt with Me” – ERV
  • “Stackz” – Hero
  • “Respect” – Mik Brown
  • “Something You Can Feel” – Afta featuring Tyler Bryan

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