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Inner City Youth
ISBN (Trade Paperback): 978-0-9832174-4-2
Citified Publications Chicago

DJ Special Blend from Chicago crushes the game with his third book. He makes this tale exciting and nail biting during the whole book and you get eager (and fooled several times) about who is the real culprit.” —Ms. ThiqCaramel

Good Book! I like that it was action from the beginning to the end. The characters were believable and I truly felt sorry for Andre.” —Sheba B.

Golden Era Hip-Hop crew Inner City Youth comes out of retirement to rock a concert. Violence breaks out during their performance. The venue evolves into the scene of a triple homicide.

Antoinette Miller hires investigator Doug Scott to find out who killed her son. Inner City Youth member Andre Johnson takes interest in the case.

Andre and Doug pursue leads through the South Side of Chicago streets. The Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords figure into play. Andre and Doug take action to uncover the truth about what happens when Inner City Youth takes the stage.

Pleasantly Surprised! The book held my interest…it took me back to Chicago. There was a good story line and it kept you wondering what would go down next.” —MsYaa

Inner City Youth by DJ Special Blend had a little bit of everything for everyone. The author’s attention to detail, wit and charm shine through in the characters. The book will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.” —No Victims

This who done it got me from the very beginning, it held all the cards of a fast pace read with questions that needed to be answered. I recommend this read.” —C. Pruitt

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Urban Fiction
Witness to a Murder: The DJ Saw It
ISBN (Trade Paperback):
LCCN: 2011920934
Citified Publications Chicago

Childhood friends go to school together, play in the park together, and grow up to run a club together. When the establishment gets involved with the most notorious street gang in Chicago it brings date rape into the circle, it brings a love triangle into a marriage, and it leads to murder.

The DJ witnesses the horror of his best friend being executed in the alley behind the club, and the gangster’s initial attempt to silence him fail. The witness escapes and scampers into the club, and in an ill-advised panic, abruptly shuts down the music in the middle of a big event, and flees the scene of the crime in a frenzy.

The police believe the only witness is the primary suspect. The most wicked street organization in Chicago wants to make sure the onlooker is not able to tell the police what he observed. The bystander must now come to terms with what he sees with his own eyes, which makes him the Witness to a Murder.

This was a good story and a good read. I would encourage anyone who likes a good action/drama to read it.” Nancy Zuffrea – Texas

This story holds U . . . I recommend this read. I give this read 4.5 stars . . . job well done.”Connie Pruitt – Michigan

The story moves back and forth in time (hard to do) but I had no problem understanding exactly where we were at. Details and dialogue were complete and well thought out.” David Bilmar – Illinois

It was an awesome read! I really enjoyed it.”Renee Harris – Illinois

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Murder Mystery
Witness to a Murder 2: In Too Deep
ISBN (Trade Paperback):
LCCN: 2011918930
Citified Publications Chicago

Raymond Kirkwood is an officer in the most wicked street organization in Chicago. He physically assaults club owner Juan Delgado. By the morning, Raymond is killed.

This time, there are no witnesses. The Police have an unsolved murder and only one clue.

The DJ conducts an investigation of his own. Juan is a member of a rival crew into homicide, racketeering, and extortion. The DJ takes action to iron out the verifiable truth concerning Raymond’s murder. He ends up: In Too Deep.

Very Intriguing! This book was a great read coming from a DJ. The characters were interesting, and I was able to follow the story very well. The author would go back in time to help you understand what lead to the here and now. I will definitely be awaiting his next book.” —Chandra Vinning

Nice! The first one left me wondering, “Did he do it?” I like how the author kept me in suspense to find out! I kept reading to get my answer then realized I was in the midst of a whole new episode! Excited for part 3!” —Sir Ichabod

This story picked up right were part one ended. This author also developed the story really well and everything flowed nicely. Some questions were answered and one still remains. I really liked this Chicago story and DJ Blend did a great job with this one. I can tell he is getting more comfortable with his pen.” — Ms. ThiqCaramel

Black Murder Mystery
Witness to a Murder 3: The Picnic
(Black Friday 2014)
Citified Publications Chicago

Detective Timms: (April 27, 2015)

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